Buddypress: BP-WP Profile Reviews and Rating Plugin

Buddypress: BP-WP Profile Reviews Plugin

BP-WP Profile Reviews was created to fill the need for reviews, ratings, and testimonials on Buddypress on member profiles.

This plugin is an adaptation of the amazing plugin BP Group Reviews. This plugin has two functions that can be used together or separately:

Buddypress Member Profile Reviews – This option enables a Reviews tab and button for Buddypress Member Profiles. Members can leave text and star reviews or testimonials on other members. The average star rating, number of reviews, and time is displayed. Reviews can only be deleted by the author or an administrator. The amount and average star ratings are displayed on the Member Directory. Reviews are fed into the activity stream. You can also reply and comment on reviews. Activity Streams need to be enabled for this plugin to work properly.

List of Features

  • Buddypress Member Reviews – rate out of 5 stars and leave text reviews on Buddypress member profiles.
  • Restrict Reviews by WordPress Role – restrict reviews to be created and/or received by members with specified membership role (ex: compatible with s2member plugin).
  • Review Moderation – Allow members to flag reviews. Notices of flagged reviews are sent to Admin.
  • Highest or Most Rated Member Lists – Shortcodes to display list of members with the highest or most reviews.
  • Anonymous Member Reviews – Option to allow Buddypress members to leave reviews anonymously
  • Public Reviews – allow non-Buddypress members to create reviews. Includes captcha spam prevention, confirm reviews by email, and Admin notices of new reviews. Non-confirmed reviews are shown to Admin.
  • Member Directory Review Summary – Displays average review rating next to member name on Buddypress member directory.

WordPress/Buddypress Post and Page Reviews – Post and Page comments are globally transformed into reviews with star ratings. Only a name, comment text box, and star rating show (no other fields like website, email, etc…). If enabled, existing comments will show zero stars. This option can be used whether you have Buddypress installed or not. The average star rating is shown at the top of the comments. This works for Buddpress and WordPress posts and pages alike. You can enable or disable ratings at the bottom of the draft. Reviews are fed into the activity stream. Reviews can be deleted in the Comments section of the admin panel. Star rating is displayed in the admin Comments section.


Buddypress Profile Reviews

If you need more info than the screenshots or demo website, please contact me first to further demo and test. spoon@spoonjab.com

WordPress/Buddypress Post and Page Comment Reviews

Download BP-WP Profile Reviews

$40 USD – Download


You email post issues, questions, feature requests, and fixes to myself. As with any WordPress plugin, if you modify this plugin, you will loose custom changes if you upgrade to future versions. This plugin is tested on the latest version of WordPress and BuddyPress a basic theme and minimal other plugins (see demo.spoonjab.com)


You are not authorized to publish, distribute, sublicense, modify with the intent to distribute, and/or sell. You are free to modify the plugin code for better integration with your theme or website. I’m taking the Louis CK approach: “I’m just some guy. I paid for the production and posting of this…with my own money. All I can do is politely ask you to pay…and let other people find it in the same way.”
If you’re interested in future development or contribution, drop me a line.


BP-WP Profile Reviews has been tested for integration and functionality on the default WordPress installation and Buddypress theme. I do not guarantee functionality with all other plugins you may have installed or your custom themes. Most issues are caused by custom themes and can be easily fixed with CSS tweaks. This plugin is not compatible with WordPress Multisite. If you need a version that is, email me to get a working beta copy. If you email me, I can try to help you fix your issues. There are no refunds.


Anyone who downloads this plugin can receive all future updates at no additional cost – this is now built in as of version 2.3. To request features added to the plugin, email me at spoon@spoonjab.com
Any custom changes you make to this plugin’s source files will be lost in future upgrades; if you would like to see about including your custom work, shoot me an email to add it to the core files.


4/6/16: Version 2.6.1

  • Updated shortcode to hyperlink member names. Replaced “user_login” with “user_nicename”. Fixed linking issues with users that had email addresses as their usernames.

4/5/16: Version 2.6

  • Added option to not require text description for review.
  • When text description is required, a space will not longer count as required text entry.

3/26/16: Version 2.5

  • Updated coding in shortcode file to look for custom database prefixes.

2/12/16: Versions 2.3 & 2.4

  • Changed many references from user_login to display_name to respect Display Name settings for each WordPress profile.
  • Integrated automatic updates in version 2.3 with 2.4 set to update instantly.

1/15/16: Version 2.2

  • Replaced captcha plugin with Google reCAPTCHA. Removed captcha plugin files to reduce plugin file size. Added backend settings for reCAPTCHA keys. Submitting form without reCAPTCHA box checked will now no longer clear text forms on page refresh.
  • Cleaned up PHP debugging notices and updated some wording in alerts and emails.

11/26/15: Version 2.1.2

  • Small CSS fix for friends listing page.

7/21/15: Version 2.1.1

  • MAJOR FUNCTIONALITY RELEASE: This is a much requested feature. Adding functionality to restrict reviews based on WordPress membership roles (especially for plugins like s2member). You can allow only certain membership roles to receive and/or create reviews.
  • Renamed function “getCurURL” to “getCurURLreviews” to avoid conflicts with other plugins/themes that use that function name.

5/14/15: Version 1.6

  • Added functionality for language translations (.pot, .mo, .po files) – English and Hungarian are included in plugin

10/7/14: Version 1.5.1

  • Updated CSS for better compatibility with WordPress 4.0 and themes.
  • Fixed member directory bug to show accurate review counts.
  • Temp folder that contains public captcha images now empties automatically.

6/27/14: Version 1.5

  • Added option to allow for public reviews from non-members.
  • Captcha, email confirmation, admin notices, and non-confirmed count added for public reviews from non-members

2/14/14: Version 1.4.1

  • Code update to remove errors reporting in the wordpress error_log file (duplicate database columns)

1/14/14: Version 1.4

  • Upgraded code to work with latest Buddypress v1.8+ function implementations (better universal theme support)
  • Minor tweaks to CSS for theme integration

3/3/13: Version 1.3.1

  • Downgraded some php to work with PHP v3+

1/19/13: Version 1.3

  • Clean up of code and fix some bugs for better universal theme integration
  • Added shortcodes to display most or highest reviews
  • Review moderation through community reporting
  • Allow users to leave anonymous reviews
  • Changed URL structure from “?review=true” to “/reviews”
  • Prevent page refreshes from exceeding max review count

1/10/13: Version 1.2

  • Improved CSS – releasing 1.3 soon for more fixes

5/29/12: Version 1.1

  • Option added to block members from reviewing themselves on Buddypress
  • Option added to allow multiple reviews on Buddypress. You can set the maximum number of multiple reviews from the same user (up to unlimited).

3/6/12: Version 1.0

  • Plugin created
  • Functionality to leave reviews and star ratings on Buddypress member profiles
  • Functionality to convert WordPress post/page comment system into reviews with accompanying star rating

$40 USD – Download

BP-WP Profile Reviews creates reviews and ratings on Buddypress member profile pages. Integration with custom WordPress roles and plugins like s2member.
4.9 based on 10 reviews
40 New


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  • May I make a suggestion? If I am forced to buy it (and that is what you are asking us to do) then I would expect subsequent updates over time. Since you are not the developer I don’t have confidence this plug-in will work with future updates. If it were open source with a forum to ask questions then at least we could work together to keep the plugin working in the future THEN I would be happy to donate, if in fact I even like the plugin. How do I know if I like it if I have to pay for it before I can even try it out?

    • spoonjab

      Your suggestion is valid. At this point, it is donation only because so
      many people on the original post asked to contribute towards this
      plugin. I anticipate making it open source in the future. If you’d like
      to see how it works, try the demo site. There isn’t much backend
      management besides post/page comments. Most the interaction takes place
      on the front-end. Try it at demo.spoonjab.com.
      Regarding updates, anyone who has downloaded can receive them once I start getting feedback.

  • spoonjab

    Your suggestion is valid. At this point, it is donation only because so many people on the original post asked to contribute towards this plugin. I anticipate making it open source in the future. If you’d like to see how it works, try the demo site. There isn’t much backend management besides post/page comments. Most the interaction takes place on the front-end. Try it at demo.spoonjab.com.
    Regarding updates, anyone who has downloaded can receive them once I start getting feedback.

  • Clare Parkinson

    Just installed it – it works great! I’m going to modify it a bit to work with my custom BP theme, but you’ve saved me a ton of work.  Thanks!

    • spoonjab

      Thanks for you support! Send me an email to spoon@spoonjab.com with your website. Do you mind sharing with me improvements we can make?

  • Dingguo

    nice work. but does it work with google search snippets?

    • spoonjab

      currently, it does not. but that would be a great feature. Are you still interested?

  • Fmeroney

    Downloaded and installed. i have 2 issues so far:
    1. I get text overlap on the messages section.
    2. I get a fatal error

    also can i use a membership program, such as s2member, to control visibility for certain subscription levels? 

    • Fmeroney

      Ok so i fixed the error issue.

      I have BuddyPress installed and you must have “User Groups” checked under “Components” checked, otherwise this will happen.

      Now it works Great! Thanks for work on that.

      The other issue im having is that the star display in the profile is encroching on a button. Can I shift the Star display down a line? 


      • spoonjab

         Fmeroney, I was unable to reproduce your issues when I disabled Groups. Any more details that might help reproduce the problem?

    • spoonjab

       Glad to here you diagnosed the problem. I have documented the issue on the new support forums: support.spoonjab.com

  • Gary


    I purchased this plugin a couple of days ago.

    Is there a way to change:

    Enable WordPress reviews for pages/posts?
    (This adds a star rating to all comment fields on posts and pages. Box must enabled on each post/page draft to be visible.)

    So that ALL pages/posts are enabled by default? Even if you add a new page/post?


    • spoonjab

      That’s a good idea. I’m out of town now, but I’ll be starting a support forum to start cataloging suggestions. I’ll update this page under the support section when it’s up. Thanks!

      • Gary Williams933

         Is there shortcode that will allow me to add the ratings to any page based on the post ID. I tried but without any success.

        • spoonjab

          This plugin does not function off of shortcodes. If you enable the ratings for posts/pages in the plugin settings, you now have a box at the bottom of each post/page that will allow enabling ratings at the bottom of the post/page. This plugin functions off the comment system, so it converts the comments into the ratings.

  • spoonjab

    The support forums are now live! You can post as a guest or register to receive updates, make suggestions, document issues, and help make this plugin better. All future releases will come from the conversation at support.spoonjab.com

  • Tawanda

    This plugin is good. I purchased it and installed today, excellent. I have a few suggestions I am posting in the forum

    • spoonjab

       Thanks for your support! I’ve noted your suggestions for the next release.

  • Hi, is there a way to only have reviews for users in a certain group or with a certain role defined? I want my regular users to be able to rate my service providers but not each other. Thanks!

    • spoonjab

       Thanks for your support! At this time, there isn’t support for s2member. You could add that as a feature requests in the forums: support.spoonjab.com

    • spoonjab

      UPDATE: Jackie, this is now part of version 2.1.1

  • Johnny

    Hi. I get the download ‘Error 02’ occuring from my email download link. Can anyone help me download this plugin?

  • I think you may have built just the plugin I’ve been looking for, or at least part of it. 

    I’m building a volunteer network site and I’m looking for a way to rate hosts and volunteers and I’m hoping you can take a look at what I need and let me know how much of it your plugin can do.1.) Volunteers will rate their hosts, and hosts will rate their volunteers. That way potential members on both sides can get an idea of the quality of the host/volunteer from previous engagements.

    2.) I’d also like a way to either manually or automatically (preferred) award points/stars/ratings in a second category for volunteers that have references posted by referees.3.) I’d like a points category based on the number of applicable skills and amount of experience a volunteer has.

    and finally

    4.) I’d like a points allocation based on the amount of days that a volunteer has donated through the site.

    I realize I may have to combine two or more plugins at this stage to get what I need but if your plugin can help then I’ll be buying it very soon. Look forward to your answers.

    • spoonjab

      The plugin will do your #1 item for rating the members. The points system and rewards would probably best be done through a separate plugin as those are very specific requests. Thanks!

  • Kimberly Walker

    Just bought this plugin it works great!!! Just what I needed

    • spoonjab

      Glad to hear!

  • Obd

    Is there any way to do review moderation? That way someone can’t post a bunch of bad things that aren’t true?

    • spoonjab

      Currently, you can moderate reviews on posts/pages. For profile pages, you can only post if you are a member. You can also limit the amount of reviews that can be left from one member to another (1 to unlimited).
      If you want to moderate reviews on member profiles, that would be a feature request. If you’re interested, send me an email at spoon@spoonjab.com

  • Hello, I purchased the plugin last night via paypal and didn’t get a response with a link allowing me to download it. I also sent an email to the address that was listed with the paypal acct and asked for the download link as well and included the transaction ID for the purchase. I’m not sure how else to respond, but I’m just trying to access the download so I can finish a project for a client.

    Thanks and looking forward to being able to download.

    • spoonjab

      It appears your ISP rejected the email. I have emailed a link from a different email address. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Tyson Stevens

    Thanks for this plugin. Took me forever to find something like this. 

    I notice on the demo that you have user ratings in the sidebar. How do I do that? I don’t see a widget for that.


    • spoonjab

      It is part of the next release and is in beta. I just emailed you a copy to try out.

      • Thanks for sending that SpoonJab. I uploaded it. I don’t see any widgets that will display the information (highest avg ratings, Most ratings)

        • spoonjab

          I emailed you over the shortcodes. They are displayed in the settings backend of the plugin. They will also be posted publicly once 1 last bug is fixed – all donors will receive a link to the new version when its ready

  • spoonjab

    Version 1.3 was just released! Changes include:
    – Better universal theme integration
    – Allow anonymous reviews
    – Allow community review reporting/flagging
    – New widget shortcodes for most or highest rated members

  • Duncan

    I have no problem with paying something for a plugin like this, but $40 is a bit rich, especially considering that it is derived from a free plugin

  • Joe

    For the plugin BP-WP Profile Reviews

    Can an anonymous user(without registration) add his review to a member?

    • spoonjab

      At this time, the anonymous review was created to protect the identity of the member that is signed in. If you want to allow non-registered users to leave reviews, that would be possible. I would just need to have the code updated with that request. Send me an email at spoon@spoonjab.com if you’re interested.

    • spoonjab

      UPDATE: this is now available as of version 1.5

  • Joe

    when someone add a review to a user, will this member and the site administrator receive any notice(like emails or messages)Thanks

    • spoonjab

      notifications are sent to the admin when using the public review function

      • Danny

        Is there a way to set it up so an administrator will receive emails for all reviews posted? This will allow me to filter spam much better.

        • spoonjab

          Reviews can be managed in bulk from the Comments section in the wordpress backend.

  • Novotaek

    Even on a fresh install of wordpress, it does not work. I am able to submit the review but it does not appear under reviews page. Seems like a few other are having the same issue. Any ideas?

    • Novotaek

      Part of the problem: I can’t save the settings under Profile Review tab in the dashboard. So currently everything is unchecked and I can’t change it.

    • Novotaek

      Your demo page works. I suspect that your demo page is not current in wordpress or/and buddypress versions?

  • finchman

    Greetings everyone,
    So while I am able to make reviews on a person in BuddyPress, and and those reviews are successfully input into the wp_bp_activity table, they are not displaying on the front end. I enabled to show on profiles through the back end (though when I open up the admin panel, I don’t see any data that has been entered – it always appears as though no data was ever entered into the admin panel).
    Spoon, you and I had spoken before about something that was a php version problem – any idea what this might be? The site in question is located at http://www.avgdigital.co/jukubox – just go to “find your teacher” , and select “cello” as the instrument, and you’ll find links to various profile pages – I made 3 reviews for the teacher “Harvey Shapiro”, and can see them having been inserted into the db, but not displaying on the front end.

  • anfeloga

    A few questions:

    1. Works with custom posts?
    2. Works with groups as Boone’s plugin?
    3. In post/pages when a review is made, the review became an activity update?
    4. Works with Social plugin (make the comment available with social accounts)?

    • spoonjab

      1. If comments are enabled on a post, it should work. If you have a plugin you want to test it with, let me know

      2. This plugin does not post reviews on groups. You would need Boone’s plugin for that

      3. It does not make activity updates for posts/pages, just profile reviews.

      4. There is no current integration with social sites like facebook/twitter.

      If you’re looking to get these features added, shoot me an email at spoon@spoonjab:disqus .com. Thanks!

  • madeofwords

    Is there a feature where we can ip ban a user because he has too many negative reviews (selling things) and to prevent him from registering with a different email account.

    • spoonjab

      currently that feature doesn’t exist, but it could be added. email me at spoon@spoonjab.com to further discuss how you would like it done. Thanks!

  • Ronan Anjos

    What the fuck this license is? “You are not authorized to modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell”. Of course i’m going to buy and modify it, or i can’t manually translate the labels in the files to use it in my social media project here in Brazil in our natural language? It will cost to me 100 BRL

    • spoonjab

      Ronan, thanks for the comment. The line in the terms and conditions about modifying was in response to users making coding changes and then being unable to upgrade to the latest version because they didn’t want to loose their changes. I think most people will end up modifying the plugin to fit perfectly in their Buddypress theme – I don’t actually mind if they do. I’ve updated the T&C so to not be off-putting. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Raul

    Hey there, i am mos def planning on buying this app but is it also in spanish?

    • Raul

      Also, does it have notifications for the user, so people know how many comments the respective person has?

      Ex: Reviews 3

      Thanks in advance

      • spoonjab

        This plugin is not translated into spanish yet. There wouldn’t be that many places to change for the front-end user to display spanish. The total amount of comments is displayed on the user profiles. Whenever a review is created, it ends up on the activity stream as well. Check out demo.spoonjab.com to see it in action.

    • spoonjab

      Translations are now available as of version 1.6

  • orlando

    hello, can you add criteria values for rating? i mean


    please let me know we are very interested, thanks!

    • spoonjab

      it would be possible. send me an email. spoon@spoonjab.com

      • FabC

        Any word on whether this feature is now available?

        • spoonjab

          this is not a current feature. could be integrated if you’re interested. shoot me an email

    • spoonjab

      it would be possible. send me an email at spoon@spoonjab.com

  • travisbotello

    Will this plugin work with the “event manager” for wordpress? I’d like to show the user rating on the event overview and event detail page.

    Thanks in advance

    • spoonjab

      Currently BP-WP Profile Reviews works on just Buddypress profiles. It can be adapted to work with Event Manager with modifications. Please email me at spoon@spoonjab.com if you’re interested in exploring this route. Thanks!

  • Anka Mikulsk

    Hi, i did this plugin working good in wordpress 3.9 and buddypress 2.0? I tested but rating don’t work.

    • spoonjab

      Yes, this plugin works on WordPress 3.9 and Buddpress 2.0. Where did you test it?

  • Seyi Ayinde

    Does this plugin work wit userpro? http://userproplugin.com/userpro/

    • spoonjab

      Sorry. This plugin requires that buddypress be installed to work on profiles. UserPro is its own membership plugin.

  • spoonjab

    Version 1.5 is just released! This version includes a major update to allow for the public (non-member) to leave reviews. This includes captcha for spam prevention and the option to require reviews be confirmed by email. The admin can still manage all these reviews and even see the total of unconfirmed reviews at the top of the profile page.

  • Walter Demmelhuber

    I have bought it. I am happy with it. When I had a question Spoon answered and solved the same day. What to expect more 🙂

  • FabC

    Bought plugin a few days ago and it will not activate, the system says it doesn’t have a valid header, have sent several emails but no answer?

  • Only Friends can post review on their friends wall. Is this possible with this plugin ?please help its urgent

    • spoonjab

      You can choose to only allow members to leave reviews on other member profiles. The public review function can be turned off. Hope that helps!

  • Ange

    Translate in French?

    • spoonjab

      I’m working the next version of BP-WP Profile Reviews that will be translation ready. If you want, I can get you an advance copy so you can do a French translation. Email at spoon@spoonjab.com

  • viky

    can i add reviews and star rating to buddypress users/members. Also i need to display reviews and post review options in my theme template. is it possible??

    • spoonjab

      Great question: when you install the BP-WP Profile Reviews plugin, it allows you to have reviews and a star rating on the buddypress members. This happens automatically when you enable this feature of the plugin. There is no need to integrate into your them since this happens for you already. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  • gregorymc

    Custom Posts support? Also is there a widget to display top rated posts?

    • spoonjab

      Currently, it is setup to work on regular posts/pages. There is not a widget to display top posts. However, there is a shortcode for highest rated Buddypress member ratings.

  • Ben

    Does this plugin still work?
    Is there a way to send invitations for testimonials?
    Is it compable with the newest buddypress and Klein 3.0?

    • spoonjab

      Yes, the plugin still works. Demo.spoonjab.com is running both the latest version of wordpress (v4.2.2) and buddypress (v2.2.3.1).

      Currently, the plugin does not have the ability to send testimonial invitations. It should work with the klein theme. If you would like me to test your theme before you purchase the BP-WP Profile Reviews plugin, send me an email at spoon@spoonjab.com


  • Victoria Parkin

    hi – i saw from the comments below that this plugin still works. is there a way for bp groups to be reviewed/rated? Thanks

    • spoonjab

      The BP-WP Profile Reviews was originally adapted from the BP Group Reviews plugin. You may find that it meets your needs for that. You can get it on the WordPress.org website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-group-reviews/

      • Victoria Parkin

        Thanks for the speedy reply. I need both group reviews and profile reviews. can i run the two plugins side by side (BP-WP Profile reviews and BP Group Reviews)? It’s a pity there is no plugin that does both!!! Thanks 😉

        • spoonjab

          I just installed the “BP Group Reviews” plugin on the latest version of WordPress and Buddypress. It wasn’t working for me. The review tab displayed on the group, but the review functionality seemed to be missing. WordPress.org shows the plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. I’m guessing there are a few upgrades that need to happen. If you would like I can help you get that one working; I have a few devs that are very good. Just shoot me an email to spoon@spoonjab.com

  • Linas

    Can you please change all .live to .on functions? Because with my jquery, I get errors on rating, that .live is not a function.

  • Chris J. Calla

    im looking to purchase this as i need the rating system you have created (great wrok by the way), i just need to know if the average rating is stored in the user metadata, as im looking to use this plugin only for the review side really and would need to access the average ratings via the metadata for the site i have built?

    • spoonjab

      The plugin is currently stored in the bp_activities table. If you’d like to inspect, reach out to spoon@spoonjab.com and I can provide further info. Thanks!