General Motors requires dealers respond to leads 24/7, even when they are closed. GM use to pay dealerships with response times under 2 hours (which they no longer do, but they still rank you with your competitors). There is a way to stop the clock automatically outside of the CRM for Sales and Service.

This autoresponder system uses external gmail accounts and software. This counts as a unique response (unlike all other autoresponders). Additionally, it is able to respond with price quotes based on the vehicle or topic the customer is interested in. A huge feature of this system is that it has a delay and random response time. You can choose to respond to all emails no sooner than 15 minutes, but no later than 20 minutes.

Using this system, it took a dealership with more than 8 hours response time down to 20 minutes.

If you’re interested in using it at your dealership, I’ll show you how.