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BuddyPress Member Reviews: BP-WP Profile Reviews and Rating Plugin

BP-WP Profile Reviews was created to fill the need for reviews, ratings, and testimonials on BuddyPress on member profiles. Because BuddyBoss is so closely related with BuddyPress, users have reported the plugin is working fine with that platform.

This plugin is an adaptation of the amazing plugin BP Group Reviews. This plugin has two functions that can be used together or separately:

BuddyPress Member Profile Reviews – This option enables a Reviews tab and button for BuddyPress Member Profiles. Members can leave text and star reviews or testimonials on other members. The average star rating, number of reviews, and time is displayed. Reviews can only be deleted by the author or an administrator. The amount and average star ratings are displayed on the Member Directory. Reviews are fed into the activity stream. You can also reply and comment on reviews. Activity Streams need to be enabled for this plugin to work properly.

List of Features

  • BuddyPress Member Reviews – rate out of 5 stars and leave text reviews on BuddyPress member profiles.
  • Restrict Reviews by WordPress Role – restrict reviews to be created and/or received by members with specified membership role (ex: compatible with s2member plugin).
  • Review Moderation – Allow members to flag reviews. Notices of flagged reviews are sent to Admin.
  • Highest or Most Rated Member Lists – Shortcodes to display list of members with the highest or most reviews.
  • Anonymous Member Reviews – Option to allow BuddyPress members to leave reviews anonymously
  • Public Reviews – allow non-BuddyPress members to create reviews. Includes captcha spam prevention, confirm reviews by email, and Admin notices of new reviews. Non-confirmed reviews are shown to Admin.
  • Member Directory Review Summary – Displays average review rating next to member name on BuddyPress member directory.


BuddyPress Profile Reviews

If you need more info than the screenshots or demo website, please contact me first to further demo and test.

Download BP-WP Profile Reviews

$40 USD – Download


You email post issues, questions, feature requests, and fixes to myself. As with any WordPress plugin, if you modify this plugin, you will lose custom changes if you upgrade to future versions. This plugin is tested on the latest version of WordPress and BuddyPress a basic theme and minimal other plugins (seeĀ


You are not authorized to publish, distribute, sublicense, modify with the intent to distribute, and/or sell. You are free to modify the plugin code for better integration with your theme or website. I’m taking the Louis CK approach: “I’m just some guy. I paid for the production and posting of this…with my own money. All I can do is politely ask you to pay…and let other people find it in the same way.”
If you’re interested in future development or contribution, drop me a line.


BP-WP Profile Reviews has been tested for integration and functionality on the default WordPress installation and BuddyPress theme. I do not guarantee functionality with all other plugins you may have installed or your custom themes. Most issues are caused by custom themes and can be easily fixed with CSS tweaks. This plugin is not compatible with WordPress Multisite. If you need a version that is, see this page. If you email me, I can try to help you fix your issues. There are no refunds.


Anyone who downloads this plugin can receive all future updates at no additional cost. To request features added to the plugin, email me at
Any custom changes you make to this plugin’s source files will be lost in future upgrades; if you would like to see about including your custom work, shoot me an email to add it to the core files.


2/13/24: Version 2.6.5

  • Styling and compatibility fixes for latest BuddyPress

8/28/16: Version 2.6.4

  • Added check to set_html_content_type() function to prevent other plugin conflicts (ex: Sendgrid)

8/7/16: Version 2.6.3

  • Added backend setting to allow for custom member buddypress slugs
  • Added trailing / to some links to prevent redirecting twice

7/20/16: Version 2.6.2

  • Added variable $user_reviewd_name_username to fix 404 links in Member Activity
  • Added bp-wp-reviews-button class to Add Review button so users can hide it from currently logged in user on their own profile using CSS “.my-account .bp-wp-reviews-button {display: none !important;}”

4/6/16: Version 2.6.1

  • Updated shortcode to hyperlink member names. Replaced “user_login” with “user_nicename”. Fixed linking issues with users that had email addresses as their usernames.

4/5/16: Version 2.6

  • Added option to not require text description for review.
  • When text description is required, a space will not longer count as required text entry.

3/26/16: Version 2.5

  • Updated coding in shortcode file to look for custom database prefixes.

2/12/16: Versions 2.3 & 2.4

  • Changed many references from user_login to display_name to respect Display Name settings for each WordPress profile.
  • Integrated automatic updates in version 2.3 with 2.4 set to update instantly.

1/15/16: Version 2.2

  • Replaced captcha plugin with Google reCAPTCHA. Removed captcha plugin files to reduce plugin file size. Added backend settings for reCAPTCHA keys. Submitting form without reCAPTCHA box checked will now no longer clear text forms on page refresh.
  • Cleaned up PHP debugging notices and updated some wording in alerts and emails.

11/26/15: Version 2.1.2

  • Small CSS fix for friends listing page.

7/21/15: Version 2.1.1

  • MAJOR FUNCTIONALITY RELEASE: This is a much requested feature. Adding functionality to restrict reviews based on WordPress membership roles (especially for plugins like s2member). You can allow only certain membership roles to receive and/or create reviews.
  • Renamed function “getCurURL” to “getCurURLreviews” to avoid conflicts with other plugins/themes that use that function name.

5/14/15: Version 1.6

  • Added functionality for language translations (.pot, .mo, .po files) – English and Hungarian are included in plugin

10/7/14: Version 1.5.1

  • Updated CSS for better compatibility with WordPress 4.0 and themes.
  • Fixed member directory bug to show accurate review counts.
  • Temp folder that contains public captcha images now empties automatically.

6/27/14: Version 1.5

  • Added option to allow for public reviews from non-members.
  • Captcha, email confirmation, admin notices, and non-confirmed count added for public reviews from non-members

2/14/14: Version 1.4.1

  • Code update to remove errors reporting in the wordpress error_log file (duplicate database columns)

1/14/14: Version 1.4

  • Upgraded code to work with latest BuddyPress v1.8+ function implementations (better universal theme support)
  • Minor tweaks to CSS for theme integration

3/3/13: Version 1.3.1

  • Downgraded some php to work with PHP v3+

1/19/13: Version 1.3

  • Clean up of code and fix some bugs for better universal theme integration
  • Added shortcodes to display most or highest reviews
  • Review moderation through community reporting
  • Allow users to leave anonymous reviews
  • Changed URL structure from “?review=true” to “/reviews”
  • Prevent page refreshes from exceeding max review count

1/10/13: Version 1.2

  • Improved CSS – releasing 1.3 soon for more fixes

5/29/12: Version 1.1

  • Option added to block members from reviewing themselves on BuddyPress
  • Option added to allow multiple reviews on BuddyPress. You can set the maximum number of multiple reviews from the same user (up to unlimited).

3/6/12: Version 1.0

  • Plugin created
  • Functionality to leave reviews and star ratings on BuddyPress member profiles
  • Functionality to convert WordPress post/page comment system into reviews with accompanying star rating

$40 USD – Download

BP-WP Profile Reviews
BP-WP Profile Reviews creates reviews and ratings on BuddyPress member profile pages. Integration with custom WordPress roles and plugins like s2member.
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