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Grandstream HT801 or HT802 and Telnyx Voice New Setup

There aren’t a lot of great tutorials for setting up the Grandstream HT802 (or HT801) for many VoIP providers. Specifically Telnyx. Google Voice is getting more expensive to set up to use with a regular phone to use as a landline if you don’t already own the hardware. Google Voice is a great option for…

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How to Auto-Post Updates to Google+ Page

There is now a way to automatically post to Google+. When Google+ first started almost 2 years ago, there were hardly any tools to help you manage it along with your other social networks like Twitter or Facebook. Scheduling posts or automatically posting your blog’s RSS feed was impossible with Google+. They explicitly made it…

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*UPDATED* Restore Old Gmail Look on New Gmail

4/24/12 – In the last few days, Gmail has forced all users into the new look. I have updated this post with better information. Below are a few methods I have found that will change and restore the new Gmail look to feel more like old Gmail. While they don’t address every annoyance, they major…

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How to Transfer/Share Google Places Ownership

Google Places is an awesome tool to get maximum exposure for your business online. You can claim it after verifying you’re the owner (either by phone call or postcard) and create relevant information to drive business. However, if you claim it using a personal Google account (like I did), you’ll soon realize its better to…

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Integration of Google Voice on Sprint Walkthrough

Sprint and Google just rolled out to all users the ability to use your Sprint phone number or Google Voice number as your only phone number. This will work on “dumb-phones”, smartphones, and of course Android. It requires no extra setup on your handset as everything is handled from your Google Voice account webpage automatically.…

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