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Edit and Trim MKV’s Without Re-Encode

Solveig Multimedia just released version 3.0 of their video editing and trim software. The main reason this software is so useful is that it can trim and merge video files without re-encoding which preserves original quality and is WAY faster than encoding.
I did a review on version 2.0 of this software. The main features that were lacking was a more intuitive interface and ability to save projects. Version 3.0 now includes that. Another main difference is that version 2.0 was free. Version 3.0 is €39.95 (just over $50 USD).
They do have a demo that is basically the full version, but with the following restrictions: their watermark on your output file, timer before starting, and “the maximum number of possible launches of any operations of a program run is 3 times.”

My Review

SolveigMM added quite a few features to version 3.0 that make it much more appealing and polished. You’ll have to watch the video at the end of this post to get most of them. The important ones for me are as follows:

  • Much more intuitive interface than version 2.0
  • Ability to save projects
  • Stepping forward and backward frame-by-frame is much easier
  • Batch manager

During testing, I was able to trim and merge an MVK encoded with h.264 video and AC3 audio (the video frame-rate was 47.95 and resolution was 1280×720). The end result perfect.

Even though this new interface is less confusing, it took me a little bit to figure out how to select multiple cuts and then merge them. I’ll walk you through that below:

First you want to move the start and finish markers to your first cut:

Then you want to add your start marker for the next cut that will be merged:

Add your end marker for this cut:

Select the area between these 2 markers to be kept:

Repeat the previous steps for more cuts, and then press “Trim”. Your output file will have the exact same encoding as the original file because no re-encoding is actually done.

Here’s a video from their product page:

5 thoughts on “Edit and Trim MKV’s Without Re-Encode

  1. nice..spoonjab

  2. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with any files made with Handbrake or MKVtoolnix. 🙁 Pretty limited. It just crashes & throws error messages. Web searches for answers to those messages yeild nothing, & Solveig doesn’t have answers as yet. For me, the search goes on.

    1. Use MetaFox.

    2. Use Virtualdub with the MKV plugin.

      1. Vdub w/mkv plugin = problems ie don’t work

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