WordPress/Buddypress Plugin Development

wordpressIf you’re looking to create an idea from scratch or modify an existing WordPress or Buddypress plugin, I can help. I provide services that are very reasonably priced to deliver a custom plugin for your needs.

Its already known that WordPress is one of the most developed and supported platforms that provides excellent out-of-the box features and customization. Through the use of plugins, you can almost instantly create a new feature for your website. WordPress isn’t just for blogs. The list of possibilities of WordPress is endless: you can create an easy to maintain website, classified listings, auctions, real estate listings, twitter clone, social networking platform, job board, video blog, news site, newsletter, review board, wiki, or even an eCommerce site. The list is only limited by your imagination.

Many of the possibilities listed above offer great functionality, but sometimes you are missing a key feature you’d like to have for your site. I get you this functionality. Most projects can be done in the $50-250 range.

How it works:

  1. You list out all your needs and list any possible examples already in use
  2. I provide you a mockup and written description with listed functionalities
  3. Your plugin will be built and installed; usually in less than 1-2 weeks

If you’re interested, drop me an email at spoon@spoonjab.com

  • Ronan Anjos

    Ok, i need to show my buddypress members in a map like this. http://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-members-avatar-map/screenshots/ the localiation can be through a postcode field or something else.

    • spoonjab


      What is it that the plugin you linked to doesn’t do? Were you just wanting a map of only the single member location, instead of all the other members?

      Send me an email at spoon@spoonjab.com