Custom Volusion Application Development

web_developmentMany times you are on a web platform that offers you great functionality. As time goes on, you look for ways to make it better but can be limited by your provider’s platform in what you can and can’t do. That’s where I can help.

Whether your platform is PHP, ASP, HTML, or whatever, there are ways to get what you want while still remaining on your current platform.

Example 1: Volusion eCommerce Upsells

Volusion is an eCommerce platform that many large websites use. They have a great platform and allow you to customize your template in many ways. However, you may come to realize that you can’t truly make tweaks that allow you to convert more sales. One example is offering related accessories next to a product in a place where they can be seen. Volusion offers a related products box, but you can’t see it unless you scroll down.

I was able to get that box moved to the top of the page and increase visibility. I was also able to create a Quickview lightbox popup when a related product was clicked that kept the  visitor on the same page. This functionality was also extended to the shopping cart for more up-sells. Both these features weren’t natively capable within the Volusion platform. See the “Don’t Forget” right sidebar on this page.

Example 2: Virtual Product Builder

virtual_scooter_builderA client wanted to display a virtual product (in this case, a scooter) that customers could build and customize virtually. The client also wanted customers to be able to buy these custom products or save and share them on social media sites. This was a very complex design that was created in about 3 weeks. You can see the virtual builder here.

How it works:

  1. You list out all your needs and list any possible examples already in use
  2. I provide you a mockup and written description with listed functionalities
  3. Your custom web application will be developed; usually in 1-3 weeks

No matter what your vision is, it is possible on your current vendor platform. Send me an email and I can give you a no-obligation quote:


Each Volusion project is usually very custom. For the projects mentioned above, typical Volusion developers quoted $3500-8000. I was able to complete the projects for way less than half that cost.

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