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FIX Broken MMS on CM11 S4 Sprint

I’ve been running Cyanogen Mod for a few years now. For me, its faster, has better battery life, and I like the UI. However, since rooting and unlocking the SIM card for global GSM, my MMS hasn’t always worked. In fact, on Cyanogen Mod 10 & 11, MMS status messages were always “Sending…” for sent messages and “Download Message” for incoming. I thought this was due to using the MF9 Baseband Radio. However, this was not the case.

The first step was to update my Sprint PRL and Profile, but this requires a TouchWiz ROM. I decided to use the TriForceRom 5.4 (Jellybean 4.3). It worked really well and MMS messages started to send and receive with no problem. In fact, my 4G LTE connection immediately improved once I updated the Sprint PRL and Profile. However, this ROM wasn’t as smooth as Cyanogen Mod and I started to miss small features from Kitkat 4.4 like dismissing upcoming alarms or quick replies on text messages.

I went back to CM11, this time installing CM Edition by Dan & Ktoonsez. Its been running like a dream… without MMS. So after more searching, I was able to find a fix.

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