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Program New RAM Key at Home for $18 with AlfaOBD and BAFX

These instructions also work with Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler as well depending on key type.

Recently, I misplaced one of the 4th gen 2015 RAM keys and wanted to have another backup. Normally replacing keys on newer vehicles has become a nightmare because of all the radio frequency sensors built into the keys and FOBs. RAM trucks have this same technology built into their FOBIK and proximity keys. Having a locksmith or dealer program a new key would easily cost $100-300. Luckily, programming ram key fob is something you can do. You can program a new RAM key off Amazon at home for around $18.

Previously, I wrote about lowering the default TPMS threshold from 60/80 PSI using AlfaOBD and the BAFX OBD bluetooth scanner. This post assumes you already have a scanner, but if not, I’ve found BAFX the cheapest option at around $21 on Amazon. If you want a more capable scanner that can do advanced features like airbag SRS or anti-lock brakes ABS, you should look into getting the $139 OBDLink MX+. A scanner that reads ABS and SRS typically costs $350+ at the auto parts store. When using bluetooth car scanners, you only get the box that is capable of talking to the car. They are universal. You need an additional app from the Google Play store that supports these advanced features. In this case we are using the AlfaOBD app and it only requires an OBD reader with basic programming features to program keys or the TPMS thresholds.

Because these brands are listed in AlfaOBD, they presumably can be programmed similarly:

Step 1: Get OBD Scanner, AlfaOBD, New Key and your RAM’s PIN

In my TPMS post, I walk you through how to get all the necessary programming AlfaOBD software and OBD Scanner hardware. If you don’t have a OBD scanner that connects to an Android phone, you’ll need to add about $21 for the cheapest scanner that will work.

  • Android phone with AlfaOBD – you’ll need the full verison. Cost is $49 on the Play Store, but you can also get it free by searching “AlfaOBD apk” or “AlfaOBD_2.1.7.2+Patched.apk” (as of 3/2022, latest version is Use a website like to scan it first if you download it that way
  • OBD Scanner – needs to be bluetooth or WiFI enabled. BAFX OBD Scanner is the cheapest at $21 or you can go upgraded to the $139 OBDLink MX+. This upgraded scanner is great if you want additional functionality reading trouble codes like airbag SRS or anti-lock brakes ABS.
  • RAM Replacement Key – buy the correct version for your RAM truck. I purchased this exact $18 key FOB with lock/unlock and the panic button. It has worked amazing as my daily driver key on my 2015 RAM 2500 Tradesman. It will come with an uncut key for the doors. You can get the key blank cut at the hardware store (like Ace Hardware) by coping your original working key.
  • RAM 4 digit PIN – you can get this for free at your local dealership. They only give it out at the Parts counter in person. You have to bring your ID and registration to prove ownership NOTE: as reported in the comments by Douglas, the latest version of AlfaOBD may automatically recover your PIN

Step 2: Program FOB with AlfaOBD

If you have the following items from above, you can now go out to the truck with a working key and the new key. If done correctly, this should only take about 5 minutes tops.

  1. Plug in your OBD reader and turn the truck ignition to the run position (without starting) with the working key
  2. Turn on phone’s bluetooth and connect to OBD reader. Open AlfaOBD and press bluetooth icon, select your OBD reader. To function, I had to allow AlfaOBD permission to access files on my phone.
  3. Select Ram and your vehicle from the main AlfaOBD menu. Select RADIO FREQUENCY HUB(RFH) function. Select the Control Unit from the list that matches your year model. You may need to try multiple options from the Control Unit list if at first it doesn’t work.
  4. Press red Connect button. Once connected, press car icon in lower right corner with the open hood.
  5. From “Select procedure to start” menu, choose “Program Ignition FOBIKs Baseline System”

  6. Remove your working key and insert the new key. Leave the ignition in the OFF position.
  7. Enter your 4 digit PIN and press START. It will program the new key.
  8. Done! You can now unplug everything, remove the key. Test the lock/unlock button and try to start the truck.

If you have a proximity key with push button start, you would follow the directions in AlfaOBD for that key type. The proximity key would need to rest somewhere on the center dash by the radio to program.

You should now have programmed your new key without going to the expensive dealer or locksmith!

17 thoughts on “Program New RAM Key at Home for $18 with AlfaOBD and BAFX

  1. Thank you for these instructions. Suggest you mention the total cost of this project. What about the cost of Alfaobd apk? Add another $50 to your $18 plus at least another $21 plus $6 shipping for the BAFX OBD reader device. Now you are pushing $95!, not the $18 in your heading.

    1. Glad you found the instructions helpful. As noted in the post: I was coming to this project from adjusting the TPMS sensors, so I already spent the $21 for BAFX. Many people also already have basic bluetooth OBD readers to get their check engine codes; these should hypothetically work as BAFX only has basic OBD functionality without the ABS/SRS modules. Additionally, I posted a way to get AlfaOBD without having to pay. So yes, you can spend $95 one way to purchase everything from this post. You could also buy the official/unofficial $300+ system from AEV (associated with Mopar), $1,000+ for the Autel computer, or other more expensive choices. So you have options.

  2. The latest version (purchased 3/2022) of AlfaOBD will find the 4 digit pin for your truck. I have a 2011 Ram 1500 Bighorn with the 5.7 ltr. It found my code and I was able to program my KEYFOBS.

    1. Thanks for the intel!

    2. I also recently purchased the latest version of AlfaOBD to enable the trailer braking on my 2015 Ram. What were the steps to find the PIN #?

      1. Same as above, it’s in the same module (RFH), but instead of selecting the Program procedure, you select the Read PIN procedure.

  3. I was able to get my key fob learned through but doesn’t lock or unlock through the fab.

    1. Post a link to the FOB you ordered and the year, model, trim vehicle you have.

  4. Can confirm this works. I have a 2014 ram with pushbutton ignition. I did have to use program Highline system.

    it said it failed programming, but it actually worked!

    Bought a fob, and reader, paid for the app. Programmed a new fob.

    I’m so happy, my fobs have been degrading for years. I’m so glad my remote start works again!

    Also, to find the pin in step 5 scroll all the way to the bottom. 3rd one up is read pin.

    1. Glad to hear it worked for you! Thanks for reporting back on your experience.

  5. Is there any way this can work without a working key? I’m replacing my ignition switch and don’t have any keys needed for the first steps of the programming.

    1. I don’t have experience with this, so I can’t confirm. But it would seem that you can erase all FOB’s from the RF hub and program new ones. How you communicate with the truck without the key is something you’d have to research. Maybe you’d need the new key turning the ignition to the ON position and attempt to get in the computer with AlfaOBD that way. I’d hate for you to get in, erase all your keys, and then have no way to program a new key. So proceed at your own risk. Maybe its worth a try if you’d have to tow the truck to a dealership anyways. Or maybe a mobile locksmith could help you out.

  6. anyone know if this procedure would work with a 2008 ram with no fobs? (my truck has manual door locks and windows so never had keyless entry) I just have transponder keys. Ive got two keys but one is a clone of the first. would the module I connect to be the same?

    Can I program ecu to accept one new key then remove other keys and use the new key to program a second new key?

    1. I’d watch this video for a 2008 as it looks like you can do it without software:

  7. I followed your instructions for my 2013 RAM with the Highline system. I programmed 2 new Keyfobs in minutes. They both worked great and I locked/unlocked and I remote started my truck numerous times. I then drove my vehicle and stopped at a store. When I returned to leave, I had no functions at all. My wife brought me the second fob and the truck started immediately. I drove to a second stop and shut the truck down. The second fob had died as well. Are there system settings that require a reset? My $ 40 dollar fobs are no longer able to be programmed.

    1. You could try adjusting or changing the batteries. Of the 3 trucks I’ve programmed, one of the remotes stopped working quickly until I opened it, removed the battery, and reinserted. I imagine with these remotes at these prices they use junky batteries.

  8. My used Ram 1500 has an aftermarket immobilizer. Will this procedure still work?

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