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Automatically Check WordPress for Broken Youtube Videos

Broken links and videos can hurt your SEO and bounce rate. After doing some searching on Google, I couldn’t easily find an answer to this question. Turns out, I already had the answer, just needed to change some settings. The Broken Link Checker plugin will automatically check for removed Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion videos, but this is not enabled by default.

To enable checking for broken Youtube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion videos:

  1. Install Broken Link Checker, activate, and go to the “Settings”
  2. Under the “Which Links to Check” tab, check the box for Youtube and any other services you use to embed videos
  3. Then go to the “Protocols and API’s” tab and check the “Youtube API” box.

In addition to using the Youtube API to check for dead links, you can also check specifically for MediaFire, MegaUpload, and Rapidshare dead links using their respective API’s. Just check the corresponding box under the “Protocols and API’s” tab.

After you save your settings, broken videos will now show up in your queue on your WordPress dashboard and under Tools > Broken Link Checker.