WordPress/Buddypress Review, Rating, and Feedback System

Update 2/12/12: I have the plugin being developed. It is being based off the source code from BP Group Reviews. It should extend the same functionality on Buddypress Profiles and WordPress Posts/Pages. I’ll update as soon as its ready. I’m hoping it will be done this week, but the developer is slow…

Update 2/24/12: After 2 developers failed to start, I have now hired a 3rd today. I’m thinking this one will work out. Timeline from this new developer is 4 days. We’ll see. Watch this page for updates.

Update 3/6/12: The plugin has finally come out of development. It is working very well. I’m hoping to have it packaged and ready to download by donation 3/7/12!

Update 3/7/12: As promised, the plugin is ready! Go to http://spoonjab.com/bp-wp-profile-reviews/ to test and download.

Usually there’s a plugin for everything. However, when searching for a way to leave ratings, feedback, or reviews on posts or Buddypress profile pages like you see on eBay or Amazon, good luck.

There are plugins (like GD Star Rating or WP Review Site) that allow you to rate comments, posts, or turn WordPress into a Yelp-type website. But, I can’t find any that act as reviews with comments for posts/pages/products or profile pages.

I’ve been toying with the idea for some time and will be creating a plugin that meets these needs. I’ve outline some uses, features, and potential layouts below. Let me know what you think. Depending on how fast the feedback comes in, I could have it finished in a matter of days.
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Typical Use

The 2 scenarios I’ve seen this helpful in are:

  1. A Buddypress community where members can rate and leave feedback on eachother’s products, services, or work. Example, a website that helps you find and connect freelancers (like EasyOutSource.com).
  2. When you want customers to leave product reviews (like Amazon)


Below is a features list I would like to see. If you have something you’d like have, write it in the comments below. It will be considered when the plugin is created:

  • People can leave 1-5 star ratings along with comments
  • At the top of the list it will show the average star rating
  • For Buddypress, you can leave ratings on a member’s profile that include a star rating and comments
  • Captcha/Akismet integration to prevent spam
  • Separate from the existing comment system, so you can still use that feature independent on your website


Reviews with ratings:

When adding a review:


Lastly, this plugin will be developed professionally to work on any WordPress or Buddypress installation. Initially it would be available by donation. How much would you be willing to donate? (leave it in the comments) I’m just trying to get ideas. Regardless of whether you would donate, please comment below so I can gauge interest.

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